Medical Mask – How To Use Properly To Prevent Pandemics


Wearing a medical mask will help prevent the spread of bacteria in the air. Also minimize the spread of disease in the community. Because when someone coughs, sneezes or talks, they release bacteria into the air. Therefore, wearing masks is part of the community’s disease control strategy.


A medical mask is a mask what uses to protect the nose and mouth from pathogens. Usually provided for use by doctors, nurses, nurses, etc. Especially those who do the surgery work are very necessary.

Medical mask

Medical masks first appeared in the 13th century

Medical masks first appeared in the 13th century in western countries. After a long period of improvement, medical masks have achieved the complete form today. Uses also from there that increased.


1. Clean your hands before wearing a medical mask

Hands often contain lots of bacteria due to frequent contact with surfaces. At the same time, the hand will be the direct contact with the first mask. Therefore, clean hands with soap or water to wash your hands before touching the mask. This will help limit the virus on your hands from getting stuck on the mask.

Medical mask

Washing hands before touching the mask

2. Check the quality of the medical mask before use

Make sure the mask is not punctured or has a tear when removed from the box. This is very common when buying unknown masks or roadside masks.

3. Distinguish the inside and the outside of the medical mask

Some brands of medical masks produce two similar faces and the upper part has many similarities. A mask that is worn upside down will not work against bacteria and dust. Therefore, wear a mask exactly as directed on the product packaging.

Medical mask

Need to distinguish the inside and outside of the mask

4. Differentiate between certain types of basic medical masks

There are two basic types of medical masks:

  • With elastic band: With this type, the strap will be closed loop. Hook these 2 loops into the ear. Pull the mask over the nose, mouth and chin
Medical mask

Elastic mask worn on the ear

  • With string: With this type, the strap will be 4 long strings. Each strand will attach to a corner of the medical mask. The two upper strands will be tied together near the top of the head, the lower two strands will be placed under the ears and tied behind the neck.
Medical mask

String type masks

5. Don’t reuse medical mask

Medical masks are designed for one-time use. As soon as exposed to the air, the face of the mask has received a large amount of dust, bacteria in the air. If used continuously, these impurities will easily penetrate into the body causing unnecessary diseases. Therefore, disposable medical masks should be discarded. At the same time need to leave in the right place.


Today, there are many sources of fake, shoddy masks. Some are only shaped like medical masks but do not have any protective functions. In addition, using sources of unknown origin can cause health damage. Priority should be given to selecting products with a clear brand. At the same time, the product must have a valid certificate.

Medical mask

The mask needs to choose a type with a quality certificate



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