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Gown and coverall are the words that will appear most in the first half of 2020. These products are referred to as protective clothing or tend to be anti-epidemic protective clothing. The product has been sought after for half a year, but many people are still very vague about this product. Especially there is ambiguity about the fabric. In this article, VRED will send you some terms related to gown and coverall.



True to its name, gown is a type of medical gown. The traditional type will have a tie on the neck and hips on the back. Some are more advanced with zippers, buttons, … making weaving more convenient.

gown and coverall

Traditional gowns will have a tie on the neck and hips on the back

This type of gown is often used in health (Medical gown), surgery (Surgical gown), … Especially in the last half year, gown products became extremely necessary. What makes this product so scarce is its “One-off only” wear. Each isolated patient only wears this gown once and does not recycle it.


Can understand this product is the body protection. Some places call this product jumpsuit, suit. Sewing is similar to gown, however different in design. Coverall includes jumpsuits. Some places that sell this product in sets include Suit, Mask, Goggles, Medical Gloves, Shoe covers. This ensures the whole body prevent from viruses, smoke, dust, drops, …

Gown and coverall

Some places to sell coverall in sets include Suit, Face Mask, Goggles, Medical Gloves, Shoe Covers

Some places to sell coverall in sets include Suit, Face Mask, Goggles, Medical Gloves, Shoe Covers
Similar to gown, coverall is also used in many medical applications (Medical coverall), isolation, … This product can be worn again or again depending on the garment material. However, restrictions on reuse of coverall, especially for those shirts after isolation, are still limited.


Manufatories produce gown and coverall from many type of materials. Common:

  • PP (Polypropylene) – Some places callit by nonwoven
  • SMS fabric (Spunbond-Meltblown nonwoven)
  • PE fabric (Polyethylene)
  • CPE (Cast Polyethylene)

Some unique properties of the material will lead to a different product. It can against as waterproof, anti-fire, prevent bacteria from contacting the body, etc. Therefore, manufactories will produce different types of coverall, gown matching with the needs of customers.


If you’ve ever searched and dug deep into these products, you’ve probably heard the term Level. There are different levels for this type of product. According to that scale will be Level I, Level II, Level III, … From Level II and above, gown and coverall can be used in operating rooms, experiments. Level II and below are not eligible for use in these environments. Due to uncertain reasons, the risk of splashes, blood, chemicals, etc.

Gown and coverall

Need to distinguish real CE and fake CE

Tester will decide the level of gown and coverall after passing the quality test. Not stopping there, some places in the country require products with ISO, SGS, … certificates after using. In addition, for export, these items need to have CE, FDA, CFS, … These certificates are currently being counterfeited a lot in the market. Therefore, buyers need to be observant and grasp the basic knowledge to avoid buying the wrong product.

Gown and Coverall

Goods exported to the US need an FDA certificate

Depending on the purpose of use, we need to choose the right type of gown and coverall. Especially, choosing the goods exported to other countries to avoid the situation of returned goods, it is necessary to understand the technical requirements of the product, the certifications and inspections necessary to provide the right goods and standards. standard.



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