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At the present time, medical face mask is product of many people around the world interested. The capacity of the plants is constantly increasing according to customers’ needs. Many new production facilities were established in just one night. Therefore, customers become more difficult to choose this item. Especially foreign guests buy imported into the country. A special feature is mentioned with the orders usually about the origin, quality and how to export masks. When the above problems are solved, the order is almost solved. In this article, learn about the Standard procedure for exporting medical masks to countries.


A medical face mask is a mask used to protect the nose and mouth from pathogens that are easily inhaled and are commonly used in medicine. Usually provided for use by doctors, nurses, nurses, etc. Especially those who do the surgery work are very necessary.

medical face mask

Medical face mask first appeared in the 13th century in western countries.

Medical face mask first appeared in the 13th century in western countries. And then, after a long period of improvement, medical masks have achieved the complete form today. Uses also from there that increased.


1. Announcing the enterprise’s eligibility for production of medical supplies

Factories with machines to produce medical masks and medical supplies must ensure the following certificates:

  • ISO 13485 for workshops.
  • Sign a contract with a quality testing party.
  • Complete the procedures for announcing eligibility for production at the health department.

medical face mask

2. Classification and announcement of Class A medical equipment

  • Clearly categorize each type of medical device you provide to the market.
  • Take the goods for testing at the units with full conditions and inspection authority. These include Institute of Equipment, Vinacontrol,etc.
  • Making announcements of type A application standards.

3. CFS free circulation certificate

Because many countries don’t require that certificates, manufactori, depending on the requirements of each place. If they have forced the business there, you must do it. Because many reasons, manufactories need other doctuments to be able to complete the CFS documents. It is ISO 13485, a statement of eligibility for production, a class A claim, a test panel.

medical face mask

4. CE and FDA

This is the procedure to do if your business needs to export your products to Europe or the US. However, you need to understand this problem for each area. Because, at present, many EU countries are in serious epidemic season. However they will not force businesses to have CE marking. So, Enterprises should check first, if the buyer needs it to do this procedure.

medical face mask


3926: Other articles made of plastics and articles of other materials of headings 39.01 to 39.14.

  • 39269042: Anti-toxic respirator, gas mask and similar work.

6214: Scarves, scarves, wide-headed scarves, shoulder scarves, veil and the like.

  • 62149090: Dust protection mask, labor protection N95. N95 dust mask. 100% new cloth masks.

6307: Other made up articles, including sewing patterns.

  • 63079040: Lanyard masks made of non-woven fabric; This type of mask is used in surgery; Surgical face mask with 3 layers of carbon fiber Surgical face mask; One box of 50 pieces, 30 carton boxes of powder; Generally surgical masks.
  • 63079069: Dust masks
  • 63079090: Dust masks made from synthetic materials (model: SLD-DAC4); Dust protection mask for workers directly with fabric (model 225V Cleantop); fashionable dustproof Safety face cover; Facemasks worn in factories; 2-layer dust mask and smoke protection for workers when welding components; status 8822; 1 box of face masks type 8822 has 240 pieces; Dust mask A; Dust mask B; nonwoven cloth dusk mask; OKIA E MASK KWH-883 mask; 3M dust mask # 8210.



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